Floor Arrangement for IBPS RRB PO & Clerk

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Directions (Q. 1-5): Study the following information to answer the given questions:

Eight persons Ayesha, Bittu, Chandan, Disha, Ela, Farooq, Graeme and Henry live on a separate floor each of an 8-floor building but not necessarily in the same order. The ground floor is numbered 1, the first floor is numbered 2 and so on until the topmost floor is numbered eight.

Only two persons live below the floor on which Graeme lives. Only one person lives between Graeme and Ayesha. Henry lives on an odd-numbered floor but not on floor no. 7. Only two persons live between Henry and Bittu. Bittu does not live on the topmost floor. Ayesha does not live on the lowermost floor. Disha lives immediately below Chandan. Neither Chandan nor Ela live on floor no 6. Farooq lives immediately above Ayesha.

1. How many persons live between the floors on which Ayesha and Disha live?

(a) Three

(b) More than three

(c) None

(d) Two

(e) One

2. Who lives on the floor immediately below Graeme?

(a) Farooq

(b) Ela

(c) Disha

(d) Bittu

(e) Chris

3. On which of the following floor numbers does Disha live?

(a) Four

(b) One

(c) Eight

(d) Five

(e) Seven

4. Which of the following is true with respect to Farooq as per the given arrangement?

(a) Only three persons live between Farooq and Bittu

(b) Only three persons live above Farooq.

(c) Farooq lives on the floor no. 6.

(d) None of the given options is true.

(e) Farooq lives immediately above Disha.

5. Who among the following lives on floor no. 5?

(a) Disha

(b) Chandan

(c) Ela

(d) Bittu

(e) Ayesha


1. E

2. B

3. E

4. C

5. E

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