Circular seating arrangement for IBPS Probationary Officer IBPS RRB PO & Clerk

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Toughest Puzzles for IBPS PO & IPBS RRB PO 2019 Mains

Eight friends- Misha, Neeta, Om, Piya, Rita, Siya, Tina and Umang visit different malls viz. Westend, Ansal Plaza, MBD and Flames are sitting around a circular table facing the centre of the table. Each mall is being visited by two people only, but not necessarily in the same order. All these friends have different phones i.e. -Motorola, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Panasonic, Lava, LG, Oppo and Xiaomi. No two people visiting the same mall are sitting adjacent to each other except those visiting Ansal Plaza. The person who has Panasonic is sitting on the immediate left of the person who has Xiaomi. Rita neither has Xiaomi nor HTC. Umang has LG and visits MBD Mall and is sitting to the immediate left of Neeta, who visits Ansal Plaza. Neeta does not have HTC. Siya has Lava and visits Ansal Plaza, who is sitting opposite to Tina. Only Misha, who has Samsung Galaxy, is sitting between Tina, who has Panasonic and the person who has Oppo. Persons who visit Westend mall are sitting opposite to each other. Each of the persons who visits Flames is sitting adjacent to a person who visits Westend Mall. Piya does not have Xiaomi.

1) Who has a Motorola phone?

a) Neeta

b) Piya

c) Om

d) Rita

e) None of these

2) Which phone is owned by Om?

a) Xiaomi

b) HTC

c) Motorola

d) Samsung Galaxy

e) None of these

3) Who among the following visit Westend mall?

a) Om and Umang

b) Rita and Misha

c) Piya and Om

d) Misha and Siya

e) None of these

4) Who is sitting opposite to the person who has LG phone?

a) The person who has Panasonic phone

b) The person who has Oppo phone

c) The person who has Samsung Galaxy phone

d) The person who has HTC phone

e) None of these

5) Which of the following pair is sitting adjacent to the person who has Lava phone?

a) Neeta and Umang

b) Rita and Piya

c) Piya and Umang

d) Umang and Om

e) None of these


  1. a
  2. a
  3. c
  4. b
  5. e


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